Daycare for All friends is a physically and emotionally safe environment, with qualified, caring and devoted educators and personnel.

Our goal is to provide a quality childcare center by building meaningful relationships between educators and children as well as educators and parents, while offering a great support system for the entire team.

Giving parents the sense of reassurance, as they drop off their child is a priority for us, allowing them to go about their day with less worry and guilt.

We believe children learn through play, continuously exploring their social and physical environments, all the while supporting their healthy development. It is therefore essential that their physical environment challenges them allowing them to explore and learn while having fun!

We believe in the importance of meeting our children’s needs; by promoting autonomy, being good role models, practicing integrity, honesty, fairness, and kindness. Our goal is to facilitate their learning and to support their development in all domains including physical, cognitive, emotional, social, moral, fine motor and gross motor.

We encourage and support our children to be curious by exploring their environment, solidifying a strong foundation for future learning.